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AR - Purple Moon

I'm sORRY I DON'T KNOW WHY I KEEP FORGETTING TO SUBMIT THINGS I'VE FINISHED FROM 84 YEARS AGO??? :iconizishot: trying my best to get back into the groove after a hiatus is hard

So yes, the wrasslin cat man finally dressed up for the festival! even with so many people spending more times outdoors at this time of the year, Thunderstrike still has do his part as his sponsor's posterboy! He's gotta make sure Boupont's Purple Moon Special Sale lives up to the hype! (What is it indeed. Is it perhaps, a limited edition dairy product?)

Ago (c) me
Antologiya - and the abyss welcomes you

Task: In Rear View (Present) (Past)

Elena takes a breather at the balcony outside the Wolfe manor. For a reserved young lass socializing can be quite overwhelming after all! Especially when they're celebrating the anniversary of a great sea tragedy.
Antologiya - look for the stars

Task: In Rear View (Past) (Present)

It's Elena's (Leanna) 18th birthday and what's better than celebrating it with a trip (her first!) on board a cruise ship :')
AR - Thiagol Albald

:iconagaterebirth: shhh I didn’t mean to fall into the pit of deadline scraping bUT HERE IT IS, THE CAT OSSAN IS FINALLY HERE PROPER
edit: binch how tf did I uploaded the wrong app

Name: Thiagol Albald

Age: 37

Species: Seeker (Lynx)

Height & Weight/Body Build: 195 cm / 6’ 5” ft  || 242 lbs / 109 kg || toned, athletically fit leaning towards the broad side

Gender: Male

Birthday:  February 18th

Occupation: Entertainer - Wrestler

Weapon: His FISTS combined with a few kicks reserved for backsides

Residence: Red Beryl City: 33


Likes & Dislikes:

+His family, new equipments, picture book illustrations and anything of similar, privacy, hearty meals, BEING BROS (the fraternizing kind)

-Wasted food, bullying/unnecessary violence, muddy roads, unwanted attention/nosy people, people recognizing his wrestler persona outside of work (especially in the presence of his daughter)



( + )Chivalrous / Gentle / Resilient / Observant

( = ) Intimidating / Lethargic / Loner / Overprotective

Within the ring, Thunderstrike is a charismatic fighter who instead of challenging and invite his opponent with antagonistic approach, sought for a fiery rivalry that could light up the whole arena. He invites people to cheer him on, carrying their spirit with him as he lands every fiery strikes and shook the ground with him…

..And far from what the person behind the mask presented himself in his down time. Thiagol was a man who was exhausted with what society has offered him, is close to passing his prime and spoke with a dull, unassuming tone, if anyone actually managed to get so far as to chat with him. Ago’s towering build and stern face already shows what he thinks of his surrounding most of the time-- most of it is untrue as the Seeker is actually quite a good listener if not a bad conversation partner. Criticizing that aspect of him is fine as Ago himself is stubborn about opening up, but nothing is safe as soon as his shortcomings are tied to insulting anyone he cares. In the event of that, it only took Ago a split second to bodily lift with a single hand— and follows it by a severe warning.



What memories of his childhood Thiagol Albald had he only remembered a few significant events, however he did felt that he grew up too fast to enjoy youth. With his father out of the picture long before he was born and being the eldest of triplets, it was a given that Ago has to share the burden with his single mother to support the family. Growing up in Tanzanite, Ago was a boy who was larger than life—and there nobody wouldn’t bat an eyelash and knew he was barely of age to do the heavy lifting and scraping for money, but at the same time it also make Ago a fairly easy target to bully with.

Usually Ago would have let it be and moved on with his life. But the one time he fought back to save his shred of dignity, the young Seeker knew he was only inviting more trouble. As he recalled it, an older Seeker was passing by when Ago was on the cusp of being beaten to a pulp and rescued him. But instead of scolding him for lacking wit and the common sense to avoid trouble, the older Seeker commended Ago for his effort and simply asked if he wanted her to teach him how to ‘kick some ass, and kick ass in life’. At the time Ago wouldn’t have known this Seeker was a veteran wrestler who sought for new recruits, how terrible the line sounded nor how it flattered the young Seeker that she saw potential in him, so Ago with all his childlike awe and desperation agreed, if it meant that he could fend off these minor inconveniences off of him.

From then on Ago’s new routine involved his new mentor teaching him the basis of self-defense and fighting. As time passes on she taught him even more complex moves and read the minds of his opponents, then she asked Ago if he wanted to ‘step up his game’ and brought him to a wrestler’s ring within a bar. She let him fought against opponents who were smaller than him, and Ago with all the training he received fought and won admirably. The young Seeker was slowly realizing what he was getting into himself as he goes from bar-to-bar to entertain every night, and the day he was introduced to a proper sponsor and given a stage name finally sealed the deal. Even if he was to entertain people, this was a job that would leave him bruised and battered and killed. But so long as Ago stayed consistent in his path, they came in great reward, and Ago wasn’t about to let the opportunity to better his family’s lives pass.

Dire as they had it in the beginning, the Albalds were very close to each other, Ago’s sacrifice in the early years allowed his younger siblings to have a fairly stable life, and they grew up to become self-sufficient, they were finally be able to return the favor of looking after their aging mother. While his triplet siblings were striving for success in their respective lives, Ago was already becoming successful on his own way, climbing up the ranks as the skilled fighter Thunderstrike, becoming a bit of a celebrity himself. Ago would enter the fighter’s arena as one of the fighter with the highest amount bets, and he is more than honored to bloody his opponents for the big prize.

But as of recently his sponsors are nervous that Ago switched his active participation in the arena for more time entertaining bars like he used to. Ago refused to comment further on this, but he knew well that the cause was the newest addition to his life—an adoptive daughter he named Kiyanna.


Magical Ability:

None. Technically speaking Ago have it just as his triplet siblings does, but it lays dormant as it’s highly unlikely he’ll ever use it.

Personal View:

Up until now Ago only viewed Eoria as the materialistic world it transcended itself to be, but raising Kiyanna restored some faith in him that some things in this world is still worth preserving. Though like any other skeptical person, Ago still doubts the legitimacy of the eggs and the prophecy itself..

Additional Information:

# So far only Ago and his mentor are the only people knew that Kiyanna is the illegitimate daughter of a fellow wrestler. The seeker adopted Kiyanna partly as a favor for a ‘friend’ and partly as a way to redeem himself for his past mistakes. Ago regularly gets in touch with Kiyanna’s biological mother and he always informs her about the little girl’s wellbeing, and he's determined to lessen his participation in the arena in favor of spending more time raising his daughter. This is what she looks like

# Ago never really went past middle school so talking to his siblings or be in the same room as intellectual/scholarly people makes him self-conscious and nervous, despite what his intimidating appearance suggests.

# And despite popular belief, Ago really wears a shirt most of the time.

# As the fighter Thunderstrike, Ago wears a mask that obscures his facial marking and body paint as part of his stage getup.


Rithala Albald (Mother, 61)

Aghira Albald (Younger triplet sister, 37)

Yuugo Albald (Younger triplet brother, 37)

Kiyanna Albald (Adoptive daughter, 5)

Tanielis Yeamarr (Mentor and coach, 54)

Mr. Boupont
(Sponsor and manager, 53)

RP preferences: Occasionally semi-lit, but most preferable are headcanons and drawing collabs! I’m usually pretty active on discord and twitter so hmu!

Random Events: Welcomed!

AA - sergs (eye) new app
:iconarcem-alva: (X-FILES THEME START PLAYING)

I didn't even planned to do this at all and I'm probably late but the life comes and it comes at you so fast exp for Sergei if this is still valid??


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I like originals and osssans the most!


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