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AA - Fuuma

:iconarcem-alva: HERE COMES THE BIRB.. 84 years late :iconwind-plz: and many thanks to :iconund34dmuffin: for sending me terrifying bird gifs for reference! u_u

Species Name: Fuuma (Also referred as the 'News-Bearer' or simply 'Paper Bird')

Average Lifespan: 15 - 18 years

Habitat: In the wild - most forested mountain sides and opens areas. With their long crests extending all over the place, Fuumas are finicky birds of prey and hogs a lot of space for itself! Providing their own individual perch is the most ideal choice.

Population/Distribution: Fairly uncommon. They are regularly bred in Song-lu, though in the wild they can be found in the lands towards the east, going as far as in the Heilin Wilds. Due to its low mortality rate they number less in in the wild than in captivity. 

Size: 35 - 46cm in length with a wingspan of 73 - 110 cm, and weighting around 1.4 - 2.9 lbs. Females Fuumas are distinctly larger than its male counterpart.

Physical Characteristics: 

*Newborn chick reference and colour variations

Bullet; Black As a newborn chick Fuumas are born with either reddish orange or white fluff. But upon reaching its juvenile stage and begin developing proper feathers they retained the colors in the undersides of their wingspan and tails, as well as in the form of streaks on the sides of their face and diamond pattern across its breast. White Fuumas are the only variation with red beaks and thighs.

Bullet; Black All Fuumas shares the same dark extended crests on top of their heads. In addition to being an extra wind navigator it also serves as excellent feelers that lets the Fuuma read the atmosphere, allowing them to detect hostile vibes from larger preys in its radius when airborne.

Bullet; Black Thin tapered wings that allows Fuumas to fly at high speed. Paired with a set of strong, firm feet topped with extremely sharp talons meant to tear flesh. A Fuuma drop is faster than the eye can blink. So when it has eyes on the prize, it goes for the instant kill.

Bullet; Black Is actually lighter than it looks-- lighter than the Fuuma itself thought they are. Sometimes they overestimate its own weight that they get themselves blown off-course by sudden gusts upon reaching higher ground.


As with many birds of prey the the Fuumas are naturally vigilant and cautious creature, protective of its territory and always on the lookout for potential rivals. Domesticated Fuumas are loyal to their imprinted handlers, expressing their affection by violently rubbing their head against them. It is said that they are even capable of developing a temperament alike to their trainers, but in the end it goes to show how possessive the Fuuma is of them: they would peck and scratch at strangers to keep them away from their handlers.

The Fuuma has a good memory and its sharp sense of smell allows it to recognize faces and places through their scent. They can detect tension in the air and are very receptive to possible threats or things that discomforts them. Being kept in place with loud noises a/o keeping them in small enclosures for long periods of time cause them to have sensory overload, so when a Fuuma hears an argument or a crying baby in the vicinity, it coos for hours on end to show they're equally uncomfortable. 

The Fuuma displays its annoyance through aggressively grooming their plumage, or tapping and hopping restlessly on their perch. When provoked, the feathers around the Fuuma's neck would puff up with their crests straightened out, then they would raise their wings and emit a low screech— among the final warnings before it flashes out sharp talons. (eg; lunging forward to claw at faces and hooking their talons to every present orifices. Fuumas are paticular to jamming them into the opponents' eye socket)

Diet: Meat, fish, smaller mammals, similarly sized birds or bigger fowls-- meat of all types. Fuumas may not have the sharpest beaks of predator birds but they enjoy putting their talons to fun uses. They can subsist on insects if dire situation calls for it, but on normal occasions they prefer fresh red meat over anything.

Bullet; Black Hunting - Falconry at its norm is a pretty popular sport among the nobility and wealthy, but only trained Rangers are capable of fully utilize the Fuumas to unleash terror its full potential as a hunting bird and battle companion.

Bullet; Black Carrier Bird - Fuumas are sturdy enough to become a heavy duty version of a homing pigeon, carrying heavier load to great distances at a time. Give them time to get acquainted to the item, the Fuuma will protect the parcel with its life throughout the journey.

Bullet; Black War Bird - In addition to being a messenger bird, Fuumas can be trained to attack enemy messenger birds, dropping blunt objects and explosives over enemies, lunging itself towards the face of enemies.

Bullet; Black Show Bird - The Fuuma with the most dignified expression and the brightest, neatest plumage wins! A strong contendent in Song-lu's Handsome Birds competition

Bullet; Black Conversation Piece - Simply put, a symbol of wealth in one's household. Not the most family-friendly of household pets, and certainly not the most generous when it comes to sharing their handlers with others.

Additional Information: 

Bullet; Black Non-hunter Fuumas has their talons filed by expert groomers at a regular basis. Even so, it is required to cover up the Fuuma with a dark hood and use multiple layered leather gauntlets and gloves when handling the Fuuma. 

Bullet; Black In the case of carrier Fuumas, their load is encased in a lightweight metal seal that is then mounted on its back. The weight of the load should not exceed more than half the Fuuma's weight.

Bullet; Black Fuuma is translated to 'Air Devil' in Songhua. Their name is derived from its tendency to bring in long-winded reports and as a bringer of bad news, and generally being a flying menace to poultry farmers and civilians alike. However there is a lore supposedly accounted the Fuuma's origin: which claimed that the Fuuma started as plain-coloured, grain eating pheasants. However when a long drought took away the grain fields from the Fuumas, they began to attack other birds and humans for their food storage. It is said that their newfound violent tendencies caused the Fuuma to wear crueler expressions and become flesh-eaters. Their signs of corruption prevailed in its red streaks streaks, supposedly the 'evil essences' the Fuuma absorbed into its body.


AA - last dump Of 2016
:iconarcem-alva: exp to Roro I guess!

ok one more drawing dump because the lack of tablet is finally getting me

1) Two Tusar girls having a grand time in the North Colony
2) Rohayu doing normal peacekeeper things that involves a lot of papers, case explaining and less of beating people up
3) Bamboo shoot son getting harassed by older women on a daily basis
4) Rohayu puting her sword skillz to action
5) a 'Miss Gale'
6) there was a shindan on twitter than generates how high your level of pureness/nastiness and the results are funny
7) Early doodles of Rohayu's wardrobe change before I revamp her app 8)
8) Shui is the Shir-Del Best Boy and Ral knows this, and loves her grandson
9) My submission for the witch collab!! I couldn't decide whether to submit the shadowed one or the normal fullbody, and I'm glad I went with the latter
10) Witch's prize (witch!Rohayu with her newly offered bundle of joy)
11) some punks who are up to no good
12) I.. this was at the early days of Pokemon SunMoon hype. :iconund34dmuffin: was very excited when he found out about Buzzwole
13) The beginnings of Shui Shir-Del's hardship
14) A lot of assorted Shui doodles!
15) It was right after I watched Fantastic Beasts and I have the mighty need to draw Rohayu as a noire detective :iconureshiiplz:
16) Traumatized bamboo shoot son
16 b) She's pretty sure she's bled enough blood for a whole bag these past years
17) What's better than AUs? Even more AUs. The Tusar kiddos in the mountain hunter/sheep herder universe
AA - 10102016
:iconarcem-alva: exp to Roro!

looks on with horror that is many unfinished drawings and self-indulgent doodles-- that's right folk, yet another twitter doodle dump. A lot of these are from  last year's, too... :iconpapplz:
Plenty of Roro and her (potential) family, I just love drawing them so much ?

1) Trying to imagine what Rohayu would look like in shiny manga screentones and neat panels 
2) She heard you made her boyo cryo
3) Rohayu in a semi-casual outfit
4) If Song-lu had formal education so I can have all the schoolboy uniforms I want (and Shui would make a student prefect, he's on his way to becoming a future PK)
5) SPECIAL GUEST featuring the Shir-Del sibling's very big father and Ral's thicc husband, Seid! I really want to expand more on him but there's no plans whether to include him in the AA universe or not.....heh.......
6) Embarrassing mom and dad
7) Halcyon days with tiny Rohayu and her big bro Sergei
8) After months of putting her through headcanon misery, it's time for Ral to be resurrected 8)
9)for those situations where the father doesn't matter doodles of Rohayu's default spawn and Shui's little brother, Rokujo Shir-Del! A sword-wielding mage who will bring honor to his family and nation as on top of being an arrogant spitting image of his mother.
10) Quality time with mom and son :^)
11, 12, 13) THESE ARE.. the results of the oc child meme from twitter. They're all fathered by different people but rest assured all of Rohayu's spawns pledge their destiny to the big mage fam

all the charas you've seen here belongs to me \o\
AA - Mistletoe challenge

Rohayu Shir-Del and her family wishes you a toasty and bountiful new year full of fashionable, warm clothings! She makes sure everyone is safe from any shirtless predators roaming about

Roro belongs to me, escaping naked man belongs to :iconund34dmuffin:
AA - 12 months of Rohayu 2016

No EXP! I've drawn enough of this lady so she also deserves her own improvement meem


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